Changing how you do Circuit BoardS

The PCBee is more than just a circuit board printer

The PCBee allows you to print, test, re-print, and re-test all of your hardware. No leads time, no wait.

Manufacturing specs that beat your current

Fab hOuse

✓ 2 mil (50 micron) Min. feature size

This feature allows for ultra-fine lines and spaces, paving the way for denser, more complex circuit designs on a single board. This level of miniaturization is particularly beneficial for high-speed, high-frequency applications where reducing signal path lengths is crucial.

✓ 7 mil (180 micron) Min. Hole Size

This drill size allows for a higher density of vias (the holes that connect different layers of a PCB), which is crucial for complex circuit boards. This density enables more intricate circuit designs without significantly increasing the size of the PCB, an essential factor in today’s trend towards miniaturization in electronics.

✓ Up to 160mm * 160mm print area

Our large print area allows for the production of larger PCBs or the simultaneous manufacturing of multiple smaller boards in a panelized format. This versatility is particularly beneficial for those who need a diverse range of PCB designs and sizes, enabling them to efficiently meet varied applications and demands.

✓ High Resolution Silkscreen

High-resolution silkscreening improves the readability and precision of markings on the PCB. This includes critical information such as component identifiers, test points, polarity markings, and warning symbols. Clear and precise markings are essential for efficient assembly, troubleshooting, and maintenance of electronic devices, reducing the likelihood of errors during these processes.

SUbstrates  for every application and industry

Beyond traditional rigid FR4, the PCBee can print on a variety of substrates. Expand what you can make with Flex, Ceramics, Aluminum, and more. We offer substrates for every application imaginable, from wearable tech, to aerospace, to high-end research. 

Process more than just PCBs

The PCBee can be so much more than just a circuit board printer. Print your own metal stencils for SMD reflow assembly. Etch plastics to create microfluidics, lithographic masks, or create micro-patterns. The possibilities are endless.


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